BAYNK – Concert Review.

[NEW YORK, NY.] For the past four years, BAYNK has been mixing up success, for himself, each time he creates music that’s catchy enough to be played on repeat! The online music-streaming platform, Spotify, has encouraged his relevancy with more than 1.2 million monthly listeners. Originally from New Zealand, but Australian born, now based in Los Angeles, Jock Nowell-Usticke is the person behind the stage-name Baynk. Before his surprising success in music, Nowell-Usticke had graduated with a four-year chemical engineering degree and took to producing music through YouTube tutorials.

The first recognition as an artist was his initial project ‘Sundae’ that was uploaded to SoundCloud after roughly two years of mastering music through his own self-taught guidance. In 2016, it ultimately positioned him to be invited to perform at Laneway Festival in Australia. Flash forward exactly three-years, to Baynk headlining his own tour in North America with 13 shows across the United States and Canada.

Time Length: 1 hour 09 mins – Set start: 22:59

Special appreciation to Mark for granting press access to Baynk’s NA Tour at The Bowery Ballroom in Manhattan. Notable mentions to Golden Vessel and Xander as opening support. The rise of electronic DJ’s in the 21st century has become the norm for fostering talent in understanding certain digital sounds and mixing them into a track. However, consumers are gravitating more towards Baynk, because of his personal on-stage pizzaz. In the past, musical-artistry was based on singing without digital enhancements and performing with actual instruments.

Good thing, Baynk has a niche that combines his gift in playing the saxophone and actually singing live too. His ability to multi-task was impressive, he managed to orchestrate his tracks, gyrate around the stage, play his saxophone and sing with a mic in his hand. Which other electronic performers do you know can do all of that without breaking a sweat? Throughout his entire set, not one single person in the audience was at a standstill. Majority of the crowd kept to his same energy by matching his multi-tasking skills with balancing a drink in their hand, jumping around, screaming his lyrics and snapping a video with their other hand. Absolute talent, I tell you.

His music is what sold-out the venue, his voice captivated the crowd, his dancing heightened the energy and his saxophone kept the curiosity alive. When ‘Poolside’ started to play the audience went wild, it was expected to be one of his last songs to perform, yet, Baynk being passionate in his field of work knew it was best to not end his set with Poolside, rather, knew early on it would set the mood for the rest of the night. Other vocalists must find it flattering to know DJ’s around the world sample their sounds, just like how Baynk sampled vocals from Sza and Kendrick Lamar. The end goal was to get a reaction from the concert-goers and each sample played tonight carried out the job to a T.

More fan favourites were ‘Come Home’ found on his Someone’s EP and of course ‘Off Limits’ with Glades – the most recent release from Baynk. The track with Sinead Harnett was also performed tonight, it appears that he’s putting together a new collection of music and the electronic music world is ready for more bangers from Baynk.

Inherit Love, I AM,

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