Chloe Lilac supports Charlotte Lawrence – Concert Review.

[NEW YORK, NY.] Only New Yorkers would understand the excitement behind Chloe Lilac‘s stage entrance as she shouted “New York, can I get a yurrr!!” – the crowd welcomed her to the stage with wild cheers and in unison, of course, belted out yerr: the nerdy New Yorker slash hipster way to simply say, yes. Brooklyn is where Lilac is from and it was apparent how hype she was to return home to perform the last leg after supporting Charlotte Lawrence on tour from November 09-15th.

Before her performance started Lilac delivered a preface to the crowd. It was more of a requirement, that, tonight was a time to have fun and to dance! Respect is what she demanded and encouraged the audience to not judge each other’s dance moves. Despite being – as she put it – a terrible dancer, she created the first song to be a heavy body-roller!

Since music from Lilac is new to you, she recommended Stolen Liquor as the best intro song to her body of work. It’s a great track that’ll get you in a major mood to express all happy feelings with a continuous body roll. Not including Stolen Liquor, generally, her music has been influenced by guys that didn’t give a shit about her. Yet, she continued to have a hopeless romantic lifestyle that every girl and gender-fluid guy can relate too.

Don’t let her age or broken heart fool you because she’s musically talented with not only singing but she played the electric guitar and piano whilst she sang on stage. Which is difficult to find in younger artists that start out in an industry where auto-tune is the norm, filled with digital instruments. The audience reacted well to Lilac’s raspy voice and nothing but good-vibes were present when she performed on stage. The mix of slow-emotional songs and headbangers displayed a variety of her depth in songwriting. The more lively tracks are more her speed because she gives off a very powerful persona that compliments the age of invincibility. Especially with the feminist movement and women rising to the occasion to save this world.

Look-out for more music to come from Chloe Lilac on December 5th, 2018.

Inherit Love, I AM,


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