Christopher Lowman SS18.

[NEW YORK, NY.] The New York Fashion Week adventures have begun with my first attendance at the Christopher Lowman presentation, showcased at the Rose Hill restaurant. The show was a nice little warm-up to fashion week, a great little appetizer. Every look seemed to be very attainable and each piece shown is exactly what college students should be earning a degree in. When you look good, you learn well – Every Ivy League fraternity “bro” can totally attest to that.

In the collection, Lowman designed from past experiences as a college student that had a lot of worries with university assignments, financial instability and even mental health issues that’s common among students. The different varieties of styles were represented in the show from the minimal punk rocker to the overachiever bookworm. Which made the looks very relatable and each Lowman customer can identify with; it was like the perfect boy-band attire. What I definitely appreciate about Lowman is how he holds self-taught experience higher in esteem than classroom knowledge. In a creative entertainment field that is paramount. This is the 2nd season shown during NYFW for Christopher Lowman, I am excited to see how his career and brand develops.

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