Chromat SS17.

At the MET with Becca McCharen-Tran photo cred.: Christine McCharen-Tran. Xxoo.

[NEW YORK CITY.] On the 4th of July this year, I went to the MET Museum with my bestie Valerie visiting from Salt Lake City, UT – and right before we left, we ran into Becca McCharen-Tran and her newly committed spouse. It was a wonderful surprise and we engaged for a bit before she ran off to save the world of tech-fashion! Now, a few weeks later I’m writing my first fashion show review for her presentation that I attended and I’m truly grateful to add CHROMAT to my roster of show reviews.

Right before the show began, I got a sneak peak of the show and I was excited to know that the show would involve an actual voguing performance. But must importantly, THAT I’M AT CHROMAT’s SHOW!!! Ever since her CFDA | Vogue Fashion Fund introduction, I’ve been following her a tad bit and it’s a big deal to be here and supporting her creative mindset.

The show started with Mela [the voguer that] sliced up the runway and captured every show-goers attention and gave us a nice visual interpretation of the Summer-Spring Collection. For the most part McCharen-Tran designed captivating swimwear that was filled with a ton of pure-organic inspiration from US Olympians and other extremities in sport and nature. Not only was extreme athleticism a focal point in this presentation, Chromat also took to 3D printing and looked forward to the new world of tech-fashion. On the actual runway were Formlabs 3D printers that were scanning Mela Murder’s choreography and produced live on the runway. How amazing and innovative to have that on a runway, it’s like planting a little seed into high fashion and looking forward to what evolves from every contribution towards cultivating a new technical way to luxury experiences in the fashion realm.

There was about 30+ looks with so much variety in each garment, that gave enough options for anyone and depleted every excuse for not going out in a bathing suit. If you’d rather swim covering your entire lower portion of your body down to your ankle. Chromat gave a solution. Even, long sleeved items were up for grabs in this swim collection. Don’t, for a second – think swimming in a dress would keep you away from water because Chromat has encouraged it! And I’m all for it.

Make sure to check out to view Mela’s choreography in a fashion film by artists Pussykrew on September 14th.

Inherit Love, I AM,

At the MET with Becca McCharen-Tran photo cred.: Christine McCharen-Tran. Xxoo.

At the MET with Becca McCharen-Tran photo cred.: Christine McCharen-Tran. Xxoo.

CHROMAT SS17. Chromat SS17

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