[NEW YORK, NY.] Granola luxury, a niche market that Christopher Bevans offers as Creative Director for DYNE; the go-to brand in performance attire for the active lifestyle. For Spring-Summer 2019, Bevans merged both the Pacific Northwest’s athletic way of living with that of New York’s busy culture to create the “Future Nomad” collection. Brand-partnership is the future of consumer products and this season Bevans collaborated with Google Cloud, Swiss Schoeller fabrics, Tollegno 1900, and Sewfree® bonding technology from Bemis Associates.

Since DYNE is headquartered in Portland the presentation was set around the connection to nature. The tall-athletic models stood on a small pile of dirt that quickly triggered memories of camping and hiking through wildlife. A new combined experience of online and in-store shopping was introduced with NFC technology. Allowing the shopper to mobile-scan the NFC chip that’s embedded in the garment that quickly directs the shopper to order the desired size with a 4-week delivery.


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