Falguni & Shane Peacock.

[NEW YORK CITY.] FSP is by far one of thee most memorable shows I’ve attended this year. Their main esthetic is to create luxury… but I will say they go above and beyond. They manage to create out-of-this-world luxury. Luxury that isn’t the norm here on this Earth. Luxury that couldn’t compare to what we’ve seen before in this lifetime. You may agree with me because of the immediate wanton spell that was casted upon us from the first model that came down the runway.

FSP were able to take the “ground-breaking florals for spring” idea and make it to where you focused more on other details than the floral print. For instance, the way they constructed their garments and pieced mesh cutouts with elaborate beading had your attention from the jump. Not to mention the deep hues and fabrics they presented had me spellbound not wanting to blink and miss an extraterrestrial┬ádetail. Knowing that I’m the boy that I am, I would definitely wear some pieces from this collection. For example from look 7 a quilted long sleeve top with metal detailing on the shoulders would be a piece I’d wear out. From look 8 I’d take that quilted plum mini dress and rock it with jeans. Trust me it’d look amazing on me.

My favourite looks were 7 and 8 mentioned before and look 15: floor-length graphic print gown with mesh sleeves, sheer panel and statement self-hem, 22; Structured dress featuring cap sleeve shoulders and metallic trompe l’oeil detail. Golden metal and neoprene leg harnesses, 30:Sleeveless knee-length black and white floral print dress with sheer mesh inlay, 31:Sleeveless black and white floral print trench over black and white pinstripe high-waist briefs, 35:Graphic print bodysuit and black organza trench coat with detailed sleeves and golden metal leg harnesses and 37: Long-sleeve mini with metallic gold detail.

I must add that my most favourite part about this collection is the golden metal leg harnesses. It captured my attention because it’s an idea that I’ve never witnessed before. It also reminded me of forrest gump when he was young and had to wear a leg brace. FSP made the leg brace chic and desirable.

Check out their Official Website here.

Please check out my photos below that I took front row with my BlackBerry z10.

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