Ferocious Crown.

Ferocious Crown.

Back in high school I was the weird kid that wore a plastic crown that you can find at any party supply store. It is in my life mission to obtain a crown of righteous! When that day comes it’ll be a glorious day for me but until then this crown will suffice. It’s close to perfection but still suitable enough for me to want this in my closet. I’d wear this everywhere and to any occasion. The white and gold are a perfect combination that gives an elegant feel to the main accessory. The ferocious jaguar is a key element to this headpiece giving a presence to the individual wearing the crown.The only type of cat I like is the largest cat known to the American continent, the jaguar.  There are other crown selections available check them out at qinlee.bigcartel.com/

Below is a throwback of myself rocking out in a normal not so exciting crown.

circa '08

circa ’08

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