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Underwritten by FIJI Water.

[FIJI ISLANDS.] Special appreciation extended to FIJI Water as my underwriter for my trip to the Fiji Island. It’s an amazing thing to learn how the water is bottled up and why it’s so perfect and untouched by human contact. The Earth’s Finest Water is just an understatement yet it’s the number one imported bottled water in the United States and loved by 50 other countries. A little secret that everyone should know when ordering FIJI Water online is that you can get FREE DIRECT DELIVERY.

The #FijiHeirs adventures started out with me meeting up with Juliette at the LAX airport. Since I was able to bring a plus one along with me to Fiji I chose one of my closest good friends since High School. It was a good idea to celebrate her birthday out under the Fijian lifestyle.  Once we met up at check-in we went through TSA catching up on everything we’ve missed since we’ve last seen each other after her move to Los Angeles and my travels all around. This wasn’t our first airplane travel together so we were quite comfortable with entertaining ourselves with our thoughts on the future and brainstorming ideas. The plane ride was carried out by FIJI Airways and their music selection is the best I’ve seen on any airline and like the last time I flew with them I had to leave with taking their beautiful blanket as a souvenir. We arrived at six in the morning right when the sun decided to arise and going through customs wasn’t a long process.Before heading to our resort we were greeted with a nice seashell lei, refreshing facial clothe and of course FIJI Water.The thing that got us excited was going through to find our names on a sign waiting to meet our driver who was filled with so many insights to Fiji.

As we drove to the Fiji Beachfront Resort by the Hilton we got a glimpse of the true Fijian lifestyle seeing local farms, schools, day to day traffic that was so different than what’s seen in the United States. It was a sight to see and also soak-up the fact that we’re in Fiji an island destination dreamt of by many. The Hilton resort was on a separate island that was so gorgeous and upon arriving we checked in at the front desk that was only covered by an overhead protector and the rest was basically a free relaxing ambience. It felt good and peaceful to arrive and we went straight to the poolside to layout and enjoy our complimentary daily breakfast that was more of a feast filled with every breakfast dish imaginable. The Villas were all white and perfectly arranged on the beach with two different restaurants and pools divided and catered to adults only. Throughout our stay the staff was nothing but warm and welcoming to us always helping us out and making sure our stay was enjoyable. Besides the Fijian Electric company occasionally disrupting the source of power all over the island our stay was heavenly. So perfect that enjoying the pool and sunbathing in the morning and by sunset staying cozied up in our villa suite was sufficient enough and I couldn’t ask for more.

On the first night, we adventured out to the pier by walking from our resort and it was a surprising walk because there weren’t any annoying bugs in Fiji. The local bus we rode back to the resort was called WestBus that only cost one Fijian dollar, it’s always a nice experience to ride around like the locals. The following day we rode the WestBus to Nadi-Town and that was one experience I’ll never forget. As a tip it’s best to travel to Nadi-Town with a local Fijian to bargain and get you around better than just two Americans can do alone. Yet we learned the hard way and it’s the only way I can learn really.

If it weren’t for FIJI Water then I wouldn’t have been blessed with this opportunity that I’m beyond grateful for and FIJI Water will always be my favourite bottled water. I’m also glad that Fiji Airways was our flight carrier because I would have selected them anyways and they are the best in the South Pacific and so is the Fiji Beachfront Resort by Hilton. It may seem that I’m being a bit bias yet I’m telling you my true opinions of these companies and I surround myself only with the best and they are truly the best.

Inherit Love, I AM,


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Fijian Paradise.


Poolside Livin’

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Right at sunset.


My favourite Fijian Bills.


Locals at the market.


Fijian Henna.


Toilets I didn’t use.

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