Get Scattered.

Tomorrow I will continue to ask myself “Why am I not living in New York City yet?!” I’ve been asking myself this question for years. When there’s a HUGE event in NYC like the premiere of a documentary focusing on the history of thee worlds best luxury department store: Bergdorf Goodman. I then always practice patience with myself because I will get there soon.

Anyways, this movie will be showing in theatres in LA and NYC [deep controlled breathing] May 3rd 2,013. So I encourage my friends in those cities to please go see it. The rest of us on the other hand will have to patiently wait until it’s available on DVD. And let that day come quickly. Bergdorf Goodman is definitely a store far more better than any other store in this place we call Earth. I first discovered this store when I was a little boy doing my homework on fashion. In my research I learned who the absolutely stunning Ms. Linda Fargo is. TIME magazine dubbed her has the stylish gatekeeper of America’s most luxurious store. Then heard about the store once more when Beyonce was photographed as she left shopping there. So this store is a big deal.

I’m so excited to be able to do more “studying” when I’m able to watch this documentary and get more history on all things fashion. My favorite part in this preview is when Isaac Mizrahi explains that as a designer if your clothes aren’t sold at BG then your clothes have no future. Which led me to tweet my favorite menswear designer MARLON GOBEL “29 Apr: @MARLONGOBEL I’m hoping you’re featured in the #GETSCATTERED movie. Since you’re the next generation @Bergdorfs.”┬áHe then favorites it and ReTweets it and guess what followed me back on twitter. #HappyDay right?! Just with what Mizrahi mentioned has definitely secured Marlon Gobel’s future in his business.

Go ahead, watch the preview and re-watching it until it turns into an obsession like I have. Seriously I will be watching this preview until I see the documentary in whole. Whilst we wait I highly recommend watching The September Issue. If you haven’t already. Enjoy.

Much Love,

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