Hippie Love.

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In this whimsical hippie photoshoot you can say we got into character easily. The shoot was put together for prom that was held by Decades a vintage clothing store. The theme was from any era and we decided to be hippies because everyone else would most likely come in formal suits. We wanted to be rebels and even took it to the point to not even show up to the prom. We may have had too much fun taking photos that we lost track of time. It was a great memory to share with you all and I’m grateful for Mlim capturing this precious moment.

Allow me to break down my outfit that without intention gives off the Jimi Hendrix vibes. The main center piece of my attire starts with my authentic african top that is super light weight purchased at Twisted Roots. The hieroglyphics and african symbols make the ohm kurtha stand out from the rest and I’d wear it everyday of my hippie life. On to my newest jean obsession purchased at zumies these Empyre Skeletor Skinny Jeans reminded me exactly of the jeans the tree-hugging boys would wear back in time. The dark khaki hit it on the spot and was exactly what I was looking for. As for shoes I really couldn’t think of shoe-wear so I wore a simple grey VANS with a khaki sole to match the bohemian colour scheme.



Thanks to Tiffany and Joseph for the memorable evening and I’m excited for the other adventures we’ll get into.

Much Love,

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