Jacob Whitesides – Concert Review.

[SALT LAKE CITY.] This may perhaps be far fetched yet I’ll say it anyways, a particular youtube sensation that’s sporting his calvins will soon be dethroned by Jacob Whitesides. Of course, I’m all about creating rather than competing with others. It’s just, there’s so much potential in Whitesides for example he’s touring North America this month and isn’t promoting an album, only a single titled LOVESICK. To me that speaks volumes and the lyrics he writes speaks to many of his supporters around the world. What’s really impressive is the partnership between BMG and Whitesides own record label Double U Records.

Time Length.: 59 minutes

Special appreciation to Julie & Peter for granting StyleHeirs.com press access to Jacob Whitesides’ live performance at The Lovesick Tour in Salt Lake City, UT. Intimate concerts have to be my favourite sort simply because there’s a level of personal interaction and commentary that sheds a light on the artist that’s normally not seen on social media. From what I witnessed Whitesides is quite hilarious and also a bit demanding – or I should say more particular in knowing what he wants. There was so much love on stage with his supporting musicians especially with Garrett ‘garebear’ Perales. Yet the deepest love came from those in the crowd as they took initiative to illuminate the sky with their phone-flashlights as he sang.

To describe Whitesides live vocals it would be: nice, slow melodies with raspy undertones. As for me raspy is very much attractive and desirable, so it makes sense that the girls are so swooned by Whitesides. With each song introduction the crowd screamed louder and louder – the excitement in the concert-goers just kept growing and I’m actually upset at myself that I didn’t get a head count on how many girls fainted. There were so many that would gasp for air just in time to get oxygen flowing to their brain. During the concert, Whitesides mentioned that Salt Lake City is possibly the smallest fan base he has and he likes it. “I’m feeling like we’re all chilling in the living-room.” is what he mentioned before expressing how honored he is to have a supporter present spending her birthday with him and his group of Whitesiders.

What I liked the most is when Whitesides revealed his main goal in life is to produce merch that is so subtle, one couldn’t tell it’s Jacob Whitesides merch. Just the way he explained it was hilarious. Basically, you had to be there type situations to get why it was so funny haha. Out of all his released tracks Rules of Beautiful has to be my favourite because of the message behind it and it just brings peace to my heart as I listen to it. However, Shame On You got the crowd up and rockin’ – he’s very talented with creating music in different genres. Ranging from slower rhythms to thumping rock & roll beats, which brings me to my first point. The guy has potential to make various types of music and explore exciting ways to express his thought-provoking messages into music. Once he taps deeper into creativity, mentorships and soaking up ideas from other artists with collaborations, I feel that will propel him forward and gain more success.

After the show I got to chat with Whitesides and he’s really pumped for Europe and finishing up his debut album that’s expected to drop on 08 September 2016. Yet before all that there’s 3 weeks left in his Lovesick Tour and he’s thrilled to perform in Los Angeles that’s already sold-out.


Inherit Love, I AM,


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