Kimbra – Concert Review.


[SALT LAKE CITY.] A special recognition to Payton for granting me access to Kimbra’s Salt Lake City performance. To help sooth our excitement whilst the equipment was being set in preparation for the band I fancied how musicology by Prince played in the interim. It helped me reflect on how Kimbra inherited most of her music style from him and I must admit it did keep me entertained since I am very impatient with waiting. When Kimbra bursted through the crowd and strutted to the stage everyone went wild over her presence and especially for the flamboyant white and gold robe that demanded attention. Since the beginning of time Kimbra has been known for her elaborate dresses worn on tour and I was impressed by the selection for tonight.

Attending a concert In The Venue is a very intimate atmosphere that allows concert goers to get more close and personal with an artist. It gives the artist the ability to hear and respond to fans that choose to shout charming or obnoxious support. What I was able to notice is how animated Kimbra’s facial expression was as she performed. Through-out the night the energy went from a slow tempo to a high fast-pace rhythm within a matter of seconds that captivated my hearing sensibility and attention. The song that engaged me most during tonights performance came from her newest released album labeled The Golden Echo titled GOLDMINE. Mainly because the song felt very empowering and gave a valuable sense of self-worth to the listener inspiring them to be rare -not just anybody can touch this Gold of mine- and not to give yourself so freely to negative talk.

Artists with a main purpose like Kimbra have an innate entitlement to share positive messages through their music they create need to be advocated in the limelight more often. It impressed me to see younger teens show up to the concert since it was on a school night yet the lyrical messages that were shared today should be but can’t be found in school literature. After finishing her set of songs Kimbra left and then quickly returned to perform an encore of two additional songs as a treat to the supporters in Salt Lake City. I definitely pray that I get another chance to witness Kimbra in action again and look forward to any other positive and creative pieces from the New Zealand Grammy recipient.

Inherit Love, I AM,

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