[NEW YORK CITY.] After leaving backstage from Fulguni and Shane Peacock, I got a glimpse of what to expect from Libertine showing the last show tonight. Once I saw male models and bright colours I knew that this was going to be a show that I couldn’t miss. I’m still obsessing over the clothes that Johnson Hartig revealed for the coming Spring. Not only were the menswear clothes outrageous but the womenswear were down right dirty.

Hartig’s nasty punk-rock yet posh elegance was a brilliant combination of colours, huge iconic symbols plastered all over his garments. Metallic continued to shine in this collection as well. Libertine started the show with a nice calming fit then drastically changed to a loud ensemble with his second model. The tone was changed constantly throughout the presentation keeping the audience focused on his creations to make sure nothing was overlooked and missed.

Generally designers show a cohesive collection with 4-6 looks with similar fabrics and patterns. Then following those looks show another 4-6 cohesive designs, but with Hartig it was a little different. Libertine mixed and match his cohesive designs with some of his models and displayed his clothes with ease and fascination. Hartig is beyond talented in his career of choice and make sure you keep up with his past and current collections at his website.

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