Lie Sang Bong FW15.

[NEW YORK CITY.] Last minute I received an invite to attended the Lie Sang-Bong fashion show who was described after the show as “the Calvin Klein of Korean Fashion” a fashion goer indicated as I entered backstage. This was a nice introduction to Seoul’s culture and what to expect as I make plans to attend their seoul fashion week in March. Mr. Lie brought his inspiration to the actual runway with oriental ink tracings on the floor and backdrop to give a nice visual simulation of modern elegance to his guests. Knowing that ink can flow in any direction Mr. Lie wanted to explore just that with his fabric. Nearly all his looks were constructed out of the norm yet staying to functionality and useful, having detachable knit or fur collars and are fully reversible. After the show it was madness backstage with so many Korean and American celebs. It was definitely a privilege to have attended and be in the presence of a Korean legend.

Inherit Love, I AM,


Lie Sang Bong Lie Sang Bong Lie Sang Bong Lie Sang Bong Lie Sang Bong


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