[NEW YORK, NY.] Leave it up to the CFDA and Rihanna for peaking my interest in attending this showcase! It was the last show I could attend this season before running off to nicer weather in Hawaii for a week. Once I arrived at the show, I could totally gauge that the collection was worth seeing, just because of the over-the-top jaunty attendees. There was a lot of support – people kept filling in and the VIP’s were getting crowded – I nearly thought the ushers were going to start lapping it in the front row.

The label, LUAR, is fairly new and I believe Raul Lopez has the potential to carry his brand to be a successful label – just like he did with Hood By Air. The garments showed today are meant for those that dare to break barriers with gender identity. For starters, take a look at the beige leather pant that Lopez fused with a blazer, creating an appearance of a half-skirt-pant duo. Majority of his looks were quite intricate and forwardly creative as he maintained his impeccable tailoring skills.

Inherit Love, I AM,

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