Lukhanyo Mdingi FW19.

[NEW YORK, NY.] Special appreciation to the CFDA for doing New York Fashion Week: Men’s a great service in making sure that Lukhanyo Mdingi presented his Fall-Winter 2019 collection. To most of us in North America this presentation was a lovely introduction to Mdingi, however, to South Africans he’s a seasoned legend with roughly around 9 collections. Cape Town is where Mdingi is based and has a degree from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

A brief, yet, insightful flashback to 2013, where Mdingi was named a finalist for his sophisticated designs at the ELLE Rising Star Design Award. The Award program was set to encourage, identify and nurture young South African fashion design talent and to offer new designers valuable experience to succeed in the competitive fashion world. It’s been five years since his recognition and Mdingi has become a great ambassador for South African talent.

For his NYFW debut, Mdingi showcased 11 looks that arguably imitate the coastal stretch of Cove Rock – a popular beach destination in East London, SA. Primarily because of the earthy hues that come close to clay-like earth pigments such as ochre or even bronze and natural white tones found in the ocean waves. In ancient Egypt, ochre was the most commonly used pigment for wall-painting and that ties well with Mdingi’s Egyptian-like headpieces used on a few models. Each of his designs remains to be timeless because of the subtle details and his choice fabrics that resonate with refinement.

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Courtesy of Leila Jacue.
Courtesy of Leila Jacue.
Courtesy of Leila Jacue.

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