Mara Hoffman.

[MIAMI.] Out of all the shows I attended in Miami this year, I’ll award Mara Hoffman as the most memorable show. The reason I say that is because she captivated my taste in bright colours and eccentric prints. Not to mention the tropical leaves in the models hair was a nice original touch. Hoffman completely understands the best methods to combining and positioning prints perfectly. The black and white checker print paired with vibrant amazonian designs were the main focal points in this collection. The variety in shapes and cuts in the swimwear demonstrated the passion Hoffman has in putting together her creations. I was able to witness her efforts backstage as she dressed and prepped some of the models herself. Not only were the bathing suits put together nicely, the shoes elevated the presentation to a higher esteem. Her bathing towels are a must-have in my life and I’m grateful to have been granted front row presence, it was definitely enjoyable.


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