Waking up to cold weather is approaching faster than Azealia Banks can release an album. Oops, I said it. Anyways for the past year a lot of people have fallen in love with my custom-made sweater that I has an image of my most favourite Caribbean gurl, rihanna. Originally, I had the sweater made so that I could wear it to her Diamonds World Tour out in New Zealand the 06 Oct 2,013. However, the sweater was constructed and shipped from Poland so the parcel didn’t arrive on time before I departed out to the South Pacific. It actually arrived minutes before I boarded my flight my sister-in-law called to let me know. I was a bit upset but excited that it arrived anyways and I had something to look forward to on my return home to the states.

Head over to to start uploading your own imagery to see what you can create for yourself. After revisiting the site, it came to a surprise that not only can you make neck sweaters. Leggings, t-shirts and iPhone cases have also become available to their customers. Each product that has been submitted for order will display on their webpage for others to take a glimpse and find inspiration as well. There is also the options to buy someone’s product they’ve designed so beware, if your custom product is amazing others will take it and order it for themselves too. I’ve gotten lost in time just browsing and looking at all the submissions and have found some amazing clothes that were borderline¬†artwork.

Inherit Love, I AM,


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