Parkchoonmoo FW Seoul15.

[SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA.] As my last show this season in Seoul it was definitely remarkable. Before the presentation began I sat and watched clips of past Seoul Fashion Week videos that were projected on the white drapes that hung on the runway. It was a nice way to get a visual history course of how the shows evolved to what it is today. For the Fall collection Demi Park began the show by emitting fog as the models cat-walked through the mist of clouds sporting mainly oversized floor-length maxi coats. The main focus Demi Park had was to give new life to shapes and patterns by reinventing their known existence.  Which in turn kept to the theme of a Parkchoonmoo woman that is unbound and conscious of her soul’s freedom in the ephemeral physical appearance.

Through-out this collection Demi Park provided many options to freely express yourself with a variety of textures combined into one look. The over use in adding extra amounts of fabric to emphasize the reinvention of shapes as she highlighted the turtle neck in almost every piece. As for colour the most exciting was ivory and a hint of beige complimented the neutral black and white shades. What caught my attention the most besides the well-constructed coats were the thigh-high boots to be worn in the winter seasons. It’s an idea that I’ll support in self-expression for woman to feel sexually attractive under layers of clothing.

Inherit Love, I AM,

Parkchoonmoo. Parkchoonmoo. Parkchoonmoo. Parkchoonmoo. Parkchoonmoo.

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