Plain VS Prints.

Plain VS Prints.

Wedding season has arrived and it’s one of my favorite events to attend because I absolutely LOVE dressing up. Any excuse for me to dress up is the best excuse to have.

Lately I’ve been thinking about how depressing it is to see guys attend weddings with no efforts to dress to impress. Men usually go to weddings with no thought in how they look and settle for wearing the same outfit they wear to church. I understand and believe every young man should go to church wearing a long-sleeve button up white shirt. However to a wedding… There’s more possibilites and exciting things to wear.

More and more guys are warming up to the idea of having printed shirts in their closets readily to wear. That’s why in the photo above I simply display a plain white shirt compared side by side with a printed shirt. Seeing the difference any man would want to be above average and wear a printed shirt. That brings excitement and more color to life than opposed to something plain.

This wedding season don’t settle for just wearing what you’ve been taught as a child to wear to church. Branch out, explore with patterns and colors. I promise you’ll be approached by others and receive compliments left and right.

Much Love,

Outfit: Topman blazer, H&M white-button shirt, Forever21 Mens printed shirt, black vintage tie, Kenneth Cole black belt, Indochino dress slacks and John W. Nordstrom dress shoes.


  1. brenda_boo88 says:

    Love this!! & you couldn’t be more right!! #StayFlyBoo

  2. Mckay Cloward says:

    Awesome Suit! I like white on white, personally. Does that count as a print?

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