REME Wellness Lounge at Pizza Hut x Legion M Lounge – Sundance Film Festival.

[PARK CITY, UT.] Movie fanatics come to Sundance Film Festival for the programs offered throughout the week but majority of the film buffs stay for the free booze and food offered at the brand sponsored lounges! The entire main street of Park City was transformed into a mini Olympic Village vibe for all attendees. To me, it felt like I was running around Sixth Street in Austin, TX – just lounge hopped, met randoms and experienced rubbing shoulders with famous film actors!

Out of all the lounges at the Sundance Film Festival, the one that I kept frequently running back to was the REME Wellness Lounge that was sectioned off for only VIP’s at the conference. It was the best combination for me, Pizza Hut provided the grub and REME Wellness made sure we kept our energies high. During the first weekend at the Sundance Festival, Pizza Hut and Legion M [ the world’s first fan-owned entertainment company ] invested in the creators of culture by giving top entertainment industry talent, on and off screen, a place to relax and refuel in the heart of Main Street at the Pizza Hut x Legion M Lounge.  

REME sponsored the event by offering guests services including 8 Different IV Drip Services, check each service at

Courtesy of REME App

Pictured in the centre above is an image of Doctor Abe Malkin MD MBA, who not only is an ultimate eye-candy but also helped me realize the importance of self-care.

  • Our life spans are expanding, but our actual lives are becoming increasingly stressful, with little time to focus on ourselves or even to take a moment to breathe. This leads to feeling unfulfilled in life, while giving us a higher risk of health issues and injury.  
  • That’s why REME was created. The app helps users create the connection between health and wellness in their bodies and minds and performance through personalized care, educational sessions and community support.
  • Additionally, REME offers insights from highly educational programs and a supportive community to empower everyone, from clients to staff, and its team of experts, to encourage lives lived with mental clarity, physical rejuvenation, and restoration for everyone’s well-being. 

Whilst at the lounge, the crew was extremely welcoming and friendly. They knew how to handle equipment safely and knew how to guide me through the IV drip, since I’m a bit afraid of needles. The nurses warned me that I would feel the results in effect more the next morning, which ended up true. The IV drip lasted well and was highly helpful that kept me in the right mood to continue with the same energy levels that I started the festival with. – To book an IV drip or other services offered. – To download the REME App, it’s helpful.

Inherit Love, I AM,

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