Robert Geller SS16.

[NEW YORK CITY.] Simply because I wore a black blazer to the show I had the lovely privilege of helping a few guests find their seats. It wasn’t much of a bother for me and I kind of expected it anyways because everyone knows the PR teams are always decked out in black. No matter, the runway at platform 1 was set up as a traditional catwalk yet Robert Geller had a wooden pier-like runway. It helped with the imagination of being along the shoreline of where Geller grew-up in Hamburg, Germany. Caught up by the nostalgic fresh summer breeze that any nautical sailor would find himself anchored deep within the concrete jungle.

It only made sense with Geller’s experience to put together clothes that resembled lightweight comfort and functionality. The use of ultra thin paper as the main fabric for bombers and shorts proved favourable in my eyes. Referring to look #4 the purple printed tyvek anorak and short yet I’d go without the socks and flip-flops. Of course the signature style is what I loved most only this time the open jacket had a detailed rope instead of a belt. What also caught my attention was the jakob hats that seemed very unusual in a nautical sense yet still sailed nicely with the rest of the collection.

Inherit Love, I AM,

Robert Geller Robert Geller Robert Geller Robert Geller

Robert Geller.

Robert Geller.

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