Santigold – Concert Review.

[SALT LAKE CITY.] Despite the title name of her newest album –99cents– Santigold’s entrance fee was more than a pretty penny. Yet her show came stocked with an experience no other artist can counterfeit as she showcased about 23 songs. The amount of support that came for SAHN-TEE-GOLD was overwhelming and it was a pure example that even after four years [since her last album release] her influence in the music industry is still important. Special appreciation to Girlie Action for granting press access to the We Buy Gold Tour.

This wasn’t my first time seeing Santigold perform and it definitely won’t be my last time either. For her previous album tour I went and had the chance to jump on stage and rocked it out, even after the show I was a groupie and met Santi White herself. It’s an experience I’ll never forget and this time around I got to go not only as a fan yet as a journalist on an assignment!

For the first few songs it was business as usual for the electropop singer as she performed her recognizable hits. However, the show didn’t truly begin until four songs in, when she sung BANSHEE that filled the crowd with a lot of energy. This was more of a rock concert because the audience was jumping around having a grand ol’ time moving from one song right after another. Since attending countless concerts, I felt Santigold lacked throughout her set – is the connective dialogue or time to openly explain certain songs. At the same time, I noticed how Santigold connects with each attendee more with her eyes as if she’s having an actual face to face conversation with her concert goers.

The support dancers and their inexpressive faces were a nice addition to all the visual props and obnoxious imagery. It’s now a new goal of mine to become a support dancer for Santigold – it must be a lavish lifestyle to perform around the world and see new cities. In the near future I’d love to see Jeremy Scott and Santigold collaborate on some random project. It’d be a match made in fashion-music heaven. There was an outfit that Santigold put together that seemed to be a raincoat that was filled with items from the 99 cent store. That stood out to me and showed another side of her creativity.

The album speaks for itself – I adore it and you need to buy it or even stream 99 cents. Do it now!

Inherit Love, I AM.


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