Sparkling White.

Sparkling White.

-Yesterday was an absolute important day for all of America. A time to remember our history and the values the United States of America was founded upon. To celebrate our Liberty in memory of the few soldiers who continue to fight for that freedom. Most Americans throw BBQ’s, swim, enjoy fireworks and my favorite put time and effort towards their 4th of July outfit.

Prepping for my look I had tons of fun with it. It began with a friends idea of wearing all white. She wanted to do something different and that stood out. I immediately jumped on board with her idea because of my recent purchase of {white Joe’s} last week. That is where I built the rest of my outfit from. The next easy step was choosing what shoe to wear. It naturally came to my mind to wear my {Retro Cage Filas} that I bought last fall. All I needed was a shirt so I went to Nordstrom and browsed through what they had. A printed shirt is what I had on mind and right away knew this {Obey printed paisley button-up} is what I needed to be seen in.

My favorite part about my look is the golden woven rope I substituded for a belt. I originally wanted a woven belt that I’ve been dying to find because my best friend has one that I envy every time he wears it. So I couldn’t find one after I went through every room in my house hoping I’d find one. However, I did come across this rope in my little brothers room. Slapped it on my waist and don’t ask how I tied it because like I said, I slapped it on one time. It came naturally and worked out perfectly.

So the moral to the story fellas be creative in expressing yourself through the way you dress. Listen to the thought that inspires you with ideas to be different. Especially with white jeans. I want to see guys who aren’t afraid to go against the norm. Anything pretty much goes well with white denim. No reason to fail at all.

Much Love,

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