Troye Sivan – Concert Review.

[SEATTLE.] What a wonderful way to debut in North America, by starting the day and waking up with the number one album on iTunes without much promotion in the states – to me that’s really impressive. Special appreciation to Christina and his management for granting press access to his live NA tour that sold out in less than five minutes. The show didn’t start until about nine when Troye Sivan brought his happy little pill to the stage and had every attendee swooning over his compelling charm.

The reason I’m so attracted to Sivan’s music is simply because he’s able to bring out true feelings that will soothe my self-reflections. There’s so much common ground in how we think and feel and I’m more than positive that’s the reason behind his huge amount of listeners. For the most part Sivan’s voice is what kept my attention and once he has it, then it’s pretty much settled. For singing live his vocals were very clear and definitely didn’t sound pre-recorded. After admitting he was nervous before he went on stage Sivan handled a nice steady control to his height in projecting his soulful lyrics.

It was cute to know his mum was right in the front row to support her wild singing son. During Sivan’s visit around the Emerald City he hid a pair of tickets in a secret location to be found with clues given through his profile on Connect. ‘Wild’ had the best reaction from the crowd as they vibed out and shouted the lyrics. When he performed Happy Little Pill the audience seemed to not care that he sung it differently, yet they kept singing along – grateful to hear it live. It was nice to see Sivan showcase newer tracks from his debut album and as part of his encore; track #10 titled Youth was his last song.

The entire album Blue Neighbourhood will be on repeat every single day after it’s release on 04 Dec 15, it’s already my next obsession.

Inherit Love, I AM,

Troye Sivan Troye Sivan Troye Sivan Troye Sivan


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