6LACK – Concert Review.

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[SANTA ANA, CA.] If New Years resolutions were a thing for me, I’d say the only thing I wanted to do in 2,017 was see 6LACK perform live. Mission accomplished and it’s only February so now what do I do with my life ?! Since the release of FREE 6LACK the debut album for Ricardo Valdez Valentine I’ve only been obsessed with his first studio album from start to finish, repeat after repeat. It’s gotten so fanatical that I’ve forced the album onto strangers, to my close friends and luckily my aunt took to it that her and I have constantly shared our obsession together.

Time Length.: 62 minutes – Doors Open.: 11pm – Set Start.: 01:29

Upon arrival, tickets weren’t even being scanned or verified, only collected. Once Valerie and I got passed the entrance we again waited some more as we listened to R Kelly perform his closing set for Soulquarius Festival. From what I gathered at the concert most of the 6LACK attendee’s didn’t even know Soulquarius was a thing, oops. However, it was my first time at the Observatory OC and I have to say that it’s a very intimate venue with a lot of improvements needed with their staff and organizers!

After all the chaos and the unacceptable waiting – 6LACK hit the stage and the real fun began! Never Know was the first song he preformed and the way he sounds on track is the way he sounds live. Which was a huge relief for me since a lot of R&B artist use autotune and no one likes that live, absolutely no one. A nice little fact that 6LACK shared was that tonights show was the biggest show so far and he added how grateful he was for the patience that the crowd demonstrated through the organizers lack of organization. Yet he still remained “happy-as-hell” and mentioned that he didn’t make these songs for himself but to share.

To give a vetted description of 6LACK on stage, I’d say his demeanor is that of a socially inept kid that has a ton of magnetism in his own right as a soulful lyricist. His emotionless face paired with interactive movements on stage captivated the crowd in a cult-like chant of his soul-quenching verses. New music is on the way and I’m looking forward to the Jhené Aiko collaboration, since they’ve hit the studio together. At the show he performed Loyal which isn’t on the album yet somehow everyone knew it except me; and here I thought I was an expert on 6LACK. The show ended with an encore performing his hit single PRBLMS that left the crowd in an upbeat energy. The saviour of soulquarius goes to 6LACK!

The true star today was the newborn Syx the daughter of 6LACK and JAYClNA – missing his daughter’s birth wasn’t ideal for him but he was still happy to share the moment with all of us tonight. What a blessing and memorable concert that I’m even grateful to have experience in Los Angeles with one of my besties.


Inherit Love, I AM,

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