Stevie Nicks – Concert Review.

courtesy of vivint.SmartHomeArena.

[SALT LAKE CITY, UT.] The energy I felt walking into the Vivint Smart Home Arena tonight with thousands of other Stevie Nicks supporters made everything surreal. It was like we all had to remind ourselves that yes, this is really happening. A legend, an icon, a gypsy goddess and who -so many call- the “Queen of Rock n’ Roll” was about to touch our souls. At tonight’s show she invited the audience to take a glimpse into her music with untold stories about her time spent living in Salt Lake City, Utah and how ‘Little Red Corvette’ by Prince is what inspired her to write one of her most popular songs ‘Stand Back’. A fact I’m sure many of us hadn’t known until that moment and it felt like privileged information.

Time Length.: 1 hour 59 mins  Set Start.: 8:45pm

Special appreciate to Kylie for granting press access to the 24 Karat Gold Tour by the majestic performer Stevie Nicks. Many of her fans were introduced to new unreleased material that she pulled from the archives or how she explained it “went into the gothic trunk of lost songs.” It was nice to witness her performance live and be able to report that she still has the unique voice that separates her from so many artists that have come prior to her career and those that are currently in the music scene. The energy was addicting tonight and what I noticed is how much more engaged the crowd was with her popular tracks like ‘Edge of Seventeen’, ‘Rhiannon’ and ‘Landslide’ in comparison to that of her newly brought-to-light songs. Tonight wasn’t a show that presented her greatest hits as a blast-from-the-past that the audience desperately craved yet it was more of a performance that allowed her to showcase another side to her creativity in music.

Being that Stevie Nicks began her career back in the 70’s and now [many years later] her name still continues to be a house-hold brand in the music industry. On top of that, it was a little disappointing that Nicks wouldn’t allow tighter images to be taken by the press. Albeit, I understand her wishes yet it only proves how aging in American culture isn’t embraced as accomplishments rather as a negative unwanted passage in our life no one can escape from. As a legend from four decades ago and myself as a millennial, I had so many unanswered questions that has now turned into a lost opportunity for Nicks to militate against depression and give an influence to a fresher generation in music.

Back in 2014, Nicks started her 24 Karat Gold project and surprisingly enough was able to execute the album into completion after two full weeks. Which her and the Fleetwood Mac members weren’t accustom to doing – sprinting through their recording sessions so efficiently yet, so quickly. Out of all the new songs performed tonight the one I took to the most would be ‘Starshine’ because it felt like an original hit, it felt nostalgic. This album was a testament to never settle and to always achieve your dreams or you’ll spend years living with regret and doubt of what could have been. The song I completely looked forward to was ‘Bella Donna’ only because that song remains as a nice reminder that Stevie Nicks actualized a successful solo career when many naysayers doubted her single-handed magical talent.

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Inherit Love, I AM,

Ashley Rolling – Courtesy of vivint.SmartHomeArena

Ashley Rolling – Courtesy of vivint.SmartHomeArena

Ashley Rolling – courtesy of vivint.SmartHomeArena

Ashley Rolling – courtesy of vivint.SmartHomeArena



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