Pot Of Gold Music Festival – Phoenix, AZ – 17&18March17.

Over the years, in American culture, Saint Patrick’s Day has evolved into a perfect excuse to responsibly drink and have fun with your closest friends whilst being decked out in all green! However, the Arizonans have taken it a step further with the Pot of Gold Music Festival!!! Where will you be March 17, 2017? Where were you last St. Patrick’s Day? If the answer to both those questions isn’t Pot of Gold music festival in sunny Arizona; reconsider your plans!

It was no secret that the state of Arizona had some issues in the past couple years in regards to the allowing music festivals to take place due to safety and vandalism type issues. Beginning in 2015, Pot of Gold has changed the music festival culture in the Phoenix area and will only get better each year.

Not only are the line-ups loaded with contemporary and classic performers, they always include at least 2 up and coming acts. The environment is warm, the air is fresh and the positive vibes are real. Don’t waste another St. Patty’s day drinking green beer in a dark bar somewhere, get outside and treat yourself to an event that stimulates your mind and body in the best way.

Follow the link below for tickets and secure your spot at the best St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Phoenix!


Inherit Love, I AM,

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