Album: 18 – PATiENTS: Review.

Album Artwork.

Album Artwork.

As of late, I’ve been having South Korea withdrawals wanting to go back and adventure some more in a culture that I find so fascinating. Right now I’m trying to put together any excuse of why I need to return and so far I’ve come up with the importances of returning just to buy a wristwatch that I neglected to buy and now I’m regretting it. It’s a damn good thing PATiENTS just released their new album called 18 and it has been deemed a godsend in comforting me through my transition back to America after Seoul Fashion Week a month ago. Special thanks to Steel Face Records and Love Rock Company for providing a digital copy of their album to enjoy.

Back in 2,009 is when I was first introduced to Korean music, well k-pop to be exact by a female group and then other groups ensnared my addiction to the genre completely. Now, I’m tackling another genre that PATiENTS is fully responsible for – being the pioneers of ‘Hybrid Punk’ since the mid 2,000s a mix of Rock and Roll with a touch of new wave and pop. The first song on the album ‘Let’s Drive, Let’s Go! is a brilliant example of hybrid punk because of the full blown excitement and energy that’s heard as their introduction song. This is the type of music I would use to send models to strut down the catwalk because it just gave me a certain swagger to my walk around town.

What surprised me the most is having a full album and not a mini album that I’m used to seeing come from Korea. The only thing I mainly understand are the English words that are thrown in some of the lyrics and I feel that I relate more to Idiot vs. Psycho simply because I feel I deal with either dummies or crazy people on a daily. Perhaps I’m completely out of whack with the true meaning of the song but that’s my own take on it. The first music video has also been released for their third track on the album titled ‘Sipalsegi‘ and I like it because it gives a psychedelic connection to your mind. It immediately starts off with a five second keystroke that reminded me of charlie brown and then jumps into a head banging rhythm. The band has a few exciting gigs in the UK next month and I wish them nothing but positive vibes and success as the cater to their England fan base. Here’s where you can catch their performance.:

May 19 London, England @Korea Cultural Centre UK

May 23 Liverpool, England @ The Heineken Tall Ship Stage (Kaskelot) – Liverpool Sound City

May 24 Liverpool, England @ The Cavern Stage – Liverpool Sound City

June 12 Seoul, Korea @ Sangsang Madang (“18” CD release show)

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