Ciara – The Jackie Tour Concert Review.

"Ciara Performs at the Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theater"

“Ciara Performs at the Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theater”

[MIAMI.] A special thank you to Mark, Greg and especially Joanna for granting StyleHeirs access to Ciara’s live performance for The Jackie Tour in Miami at the Fillmore – The Jackie Gleason Theatre. It took awhile for it to hit me that I was actually going to finally see Ciara perform live in concert. Since her debut arrival to the music scene when she was a mere innocent eighteen year old and was quickly dubbed as the princess of R&B I had fallen in love with her as an artist. The Goodies album was my second album I had ever purchased in my life and Ciara helped me blossom out of my shyness and timid nature. If anything, she taught me how to properly grind and move my hips in all the right angles only from studying her music videos. Inspired from her newest released single ‘I Bet’ Music Video I am now on my way to becoming a ballerina, just kidding.

Prior to the show I had the chance to meet Ciara and let me tell you how more stunning she is in person. We quickly embraced and of course I didn’t want to let her go yet kept it cordial, hopefully next time I’ll get a chance to visit with her longer. Let’s fast-forward to the house lights dimming and immediately the show began with Ciara reciting, “ I’m a Bad Mother Fuxkah!” [Jackie] as her two bleached blonde-hair support dancers ushered in an exhilarating energy. Many artists fail to carry the same energy and excitement until their last closing song yet with Ciara she’s the master in maintaining a lively crowd that could feel her passion and drove them to dance constantly.

One thing that I did notice is the loyal support that Ciara had in attendance tonight. There’s a certain light to them that illuminates as being reliable for Ciara to fall back on whenever their love is needed most. She humbly understands that and even made mention on how blessed she is to have them. By saying, “If I know one thing. It’s that you guys got my back, and I got you too” and she recognized that her success only came from them.

There was a short downtime when Ciara gave her singing support time to display their impressive vocals. A time dedicated to her Creator in praise and even gave insight on her baby son Future Zahir Wilburn who will be turning one on Tuesday the 19th of May. She stated that her son is her sweetest blessing and tells the crowd about a song that’s his favourite. A nursery hymn titled ‘Lullaby’ on her nearly released album ‘Jackie’ and when I heard her sing it she touched my heart and made me reflect on my own beautiful mother.

Following her heartfelt performance she went back to schedule and gave her fans a reason to dance. It was a good thing Ciara didn’t have an opening act because she had a lot of crowd favourites to perform anyways such as ‘Get Up’ and ‘Like U’ even ‘Body Party’ had us too wild! Everyone vibed hardcore diggin’ her leading single ‘I Bet’ it was amazing all to the end as she closed out the concert with the audience shouting back the lyrics from “Give Me Love” as if it were an anthem for todays young adults. There’s no doubt that Ciara will have so much success from this new album so don’t be left out of the future of music and get your copy of Jackie here.

Inherit Love, I AM,

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