Taylor Swift – Concert Review.


[SEATTLE.] The entire fundamental core of 1989 is not just about music in the 80’s yet about celebrating beginnings in starting over! For that exact reason is why I enjoyed the showcase that Taylor Swift put together for one of her favourite cities. A special appreciation to Dana for granting StyleHeirs.com press access to tonight’s SOLD OUT show. Which started out with Swift opening with ‘Welcome to New York’ in her sequenced attire fitted for an 80’s party.

It wasn’t the bright light displays or the well done choreography and dancers that impressed me most yet how humbled Swift remained throughout her performance amid her extravagant milieus. For example the 60,000 attendees that showed up, memorized her songs, wore creative outfits and had amazing signs were given self-empowering guidance. Mainly because Swift has experienced a lot with how guys have treated her and stressed the fact that knowing ‘what you deserve’ should take precedence in who gets your attention.

What really stole my attention were the surprise guests she brought out especially for Seattle: First, she performed a duet with Fetty Wap and then crushed my soul. Simply because she had Ciara come out and say hello with Russell and left it at that. Like, could she have not sung one damn song t-swift, really?! No matter, but it seems to me that the country singer turned pop-star sensation will soon cross to the dark-side but the best side in R&B/hip-hop. If you like my opinions take this, Swift is playing the game correctly! Why, because she had a new comer in hip-hop who’s rapidly climbing the charts and also briefly had R&B royalty grace us with her presence. Let that just marinate…

Anyways, the entire night I felt great just witnessing a dream that Swift has worked diligently for become realized. Not only that, I also witnessed the younger generation connect with an inspiring leader through music and seemed to be very therapeutic for them.


Inherit Love, I AM,


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