Tei Shi – Concert Review.

[SEATTLE.] Besides the humorous GOP debate today I had an even better reason to keep me busy. The ever-clever Tei Shi entertained the Seattleites before hitting the bigger stage at the Squamish Valley Music Festival this weekend. Special thanks to Katie for providing StyleHeirs.com press access to the show at Barboza. If you’re like me and have never heard of Tei Shi allow me to tell you where to start. Perhaps, my favourite song is where you ought to begin called Nevermind The End. It’s most likely not her most popular yet for me it helped me understand who she is as an artist. It helped me connect to her other fan favourites on a much better level.

The show began with the electronic duo CUFF LYNX who are actually great to be honest every track they did had drums mainly and naturally I connected well. After their set the main attraction delivered her talent through the microphone giving her attendees an early introduction to the weekend.

Although her show may have lasted only half an hour I know she could have gone longer I mean the crowd wanted to hear more. If I were to describe her sound it’d be like R&B lyrics that’s slower than slow with electronic auto-tunes thrown together with drums. It’s a perfect combination that’s forward thinking and innovative enough to catch the attention of all music hipsters alike. Throughout her performance the crowd kept quiet as they grooved out and were only rowdy in between songs.

Last week I did some research and came across her beyoncé cover for “No Angel” and mistakenly prejudged her, thinking it was incomparable to mrs. carter and I’m an idiot basically. Tonight she preformed her version of No Angel and I have to admit that I may prefer Tei Shi’s track more but don’t quote me. This past April she released her debut EP titled Verde with a complimentary download of ‘Bassically’ here. No wonder this fall she’s a perfect fit as the opener for the UK based crew Years&Years – that I spoke of before.


Inherit Love, I AM,


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