Greg Lauren SS16.

[NEW YORK CITY.] There are nights where I can’t sleep, so I jump on the internet and I just watch random fashion shows. At times, I binge and just consume a lot of videos to the point where I don’t even pay attention to the designers name. One night, I came across Greg Lauren’s SS 15 video and was taken back by his esthetic because it was so raw and full of pleasurable risks.  Fast forward to today’s show – I grabbed my seat with not much thought of what to expect other than Lauren’s an actor slash artist turned designer. The lights dimmed and BOOM the first model struts out with his extravagant long sleeve cream patchy hoodie and extra material in all different ways. That’s when it clicked and images came to mind of the show that I previously watched months ago and I said to myself “Wait, this is him… That’s Greg Lauren?!” And at that very moment I took this show very seriously.

There were so many things throughout his collection that I couldn’t even grasp every detail. This would have been a perfect time to actually have the models stand as a presentation instead of a traditional runway. What caught my eyes the most was definitely the half blazer half leather jacket – like what was his thought process in this collection. Were there drugs involved – how and where does he get the time to even put these creations together. Even his blanket coats were so ingeniously constructed that I’d give up my entire closet away in exchange for one, that I’d even commit to wear for the rest of my life.

If Lauren ever puts together a Rugged Training Workshop, please sign me up as long as there’s clothes given in the package deals. Anyways, on the more softer side of things Lauren’s dramatic long shirts were a nice touch to all that toughness. Most of his clothes are custom made garments that even a wealthy king couldn’t have them duplicated because of the rare materials and vintage scraps they’re made from.

Inherit Love, I AM,

Ps.: Enjoy these photos in the interim.

Greg Lauren. Greg Lauren. Greg Lauren. Greg Lauren. Greg Lauren.

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