Richard Chai SS16.

[NEW YORK CITY.] Since I was already back stage after one of the shows I got a glimpse of Richard Chai passing by and I completely became a fangirl. Just so we’re clear, I wasn’t at all a groupie more of a secret admirer that kept his distance and remained professional. Yet that’s how I normally act when I’m around whoever I have a crush on because I don’t have the guts to even say ‘Hi’ – reasons why I’m #ForeverAlone.

Speaking of alone, it’s been a few years since Chai has shown his men’s collection separate from the women’s side. Which is probably the case for most American-based designers. Luckily we are getting better organized as an American market. In this season’s inspiration Chai channelled a nostalgic approach for his customers to feel past memories in what they would shop for in the 90’s era. Which was very obvious in his styling – the tucked in shirts, the loose fitted pant legs and the bright obnoxious sneakers. Most of his garments seemed to clash with what we’re accustomed to seeing from Chai yet kept with his innate talent in creating a newer outlook to menswear.


Inherit Love, I AM,


Richard Chai. IMG_5627 IMG_5619 Richard Chai. Richard Chai.

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