Thorsun SS16.

[NEW YORK CITY.] In between shows I had decided to relax, take a breather, grab a little nibbles and skip platform three’s presentation. Which didn’t last long because curiosity always takes over and distracts me from my schedule. On break I got a glimpse of Thorsun via social media and once I discovered that George Sotelo had free eye-candy for the taking I went running. This was like the closest gateway to a male strip club New York Fashion Week could have possibly gone within a professional boundary of course.

What surprised me the most is learning more about Sotelo after witnessing his collection and then finding out that he’s only been at it for two years. Clearly that doesn’t reflect in his garments because I saw mature craftsmanship in his swimwear. There was a variety in every look, each print by itself was unique yet as a theme they cohesively intertwined. Out of the bunch my favourite shorts would definitely be the bird woven apollo swim trunks worn by hunk of the year Scott Neslange. Followed by my second choice the cubist tropical black swim trunks. The idea of deep pockets to securely keep items from falling out is perfection and I’d even wear Thorsun to bed as chic sleepwear, let’s just be real.

Inherit Love, I AM,

Thorsun. Thorsun.

Thorsun. Thorsun. Thorsun. Thorsun.

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