EPIK HIGH – Concert Review North America Tour.

EPIKHIGHStyleHeirs[SAN FRANCISCO.] As my first Kpop concert there couldn’t have been a better place than San Francisco to kick off the EPIK HIGH North American tour. Special thanks to Emma and YG Entertainment for granting StyleHeirs.com press access to be part of the High Schoolers in the Bay Area. The event was showcased at The Warfield Theatre that had fans showing up with their general admission tickets twelve hours before showtime to secure an up close view. All the attendees were beyond excited for their return to the States given that they’ve been craving another performance since their last tour six years ago.

The show started with DJ Tukutz slowly entering the spotlight with his most stylish swagger as the crowd went out of control. Only a few steps behind him came Minthra and Tablo who all together took the crowd to ecstasy. The guys started the show with high energy that matched the same intensity the audience expected from them. After performing a handful of songs the group brought the intense energy down to a more calm and cooling steam by interacting with the crowd. Playing off of their broken English Minthra and DJ Tukutz thought it’d be better to sing a more “moist song” said Tablo translating for his band members. Once they finished throwing innuendos out of their systems they performed one of my favourites of the night called UMBRELLA that carried the crowd to rock back and forth as they sang along which put them into a calmer mood. Once the cool-down was achieved the energy began to rise full-speed with hotter songs from their newest album shoebox.

Throughout the night EPIK HIGH displayed their passionate gratitude through their live performance and interaction that was simple, subtle yet dramatically powerful for their supporters. It helps that their personalities on stage are so different from each other that every fan remained entertained. The trio even introduced a segment that they’ve never done before called Genie Time as DJ Tukutz explained his idea he had for years to grant three wishes that the fans had sent in for a chance to be fulfilled. The first wish granted was directed to Minthra to act AEGYO –translated in English is to make the weirdest yet cutest face- and to say that he loved the girl that sent in the wish. What had me so giddy and excited was a wish for Tablo to FaceTime his daughter HARU who is so damn adorable and could be compared to North West’s fame. Sadly, the internet connection was faulty and we didn’t get a chance to see that wish come true. As for DJ Tukutz he made everyone jealous of Mari who got to take a selfie with him.

Another interaction I like to highlight is their audio they played toward the end of the show thanking the High Schoolers for their support despite not being on local television channels or main stream radio stations. Humbled in their success and tried to show their appreciation for America that gave them Cheeseburgers, Apple products, Tupac, Grizzle Bears, The Grand Canyon, The Space Needle, Standford University where Tablo graduated from and even Bill Clinton got a shoutout. If anything Korean rappers have got to be the fastest in spitting lyrics that American rappers couldn’t keep up with – granted it’s in another difficult language but still. This coming year YG Entertainment will start pushing more exposure in North America and I wish them nothing but success and I’m sure they’ll attain more than they even expect to achieve with all the kpop supporters here. StyleHeirs.com and I will be more than ready to welcome each YG artist in their North American adventures.


Inherit Love, I AM,

Epik High. Epik High. Epik High. Epik High. Epik High.

HARU can we say hiiiiiiiii.

HARU can we say hiiiiiiiii.

Epik High. Epik High. Epik High.

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