Anna Sui.

[NEW YORK CITY.] There comes a point during fashion week when all the shows start to blend together. If it weren’t for the photos that act as a time stamp for reference you wouldn’t be able to distinguish between shows. However, Anna Sui organized a show completely separate from the rest. The use of her loud cluttered prints brought a refreshing air into fashion week. Sui found inspiration from paintings from an exhibit in London called “Pre-Raphaelites: Victorian Avant-garde.” Sui also explains that “The painted backdrop for my show (designed by Alia Penner), was inspired by the work of the Dutch art collective, The Fool (who painted and designed the iconic exterior murals and interior décor for the Beatles’ Apple boutique).”

The idea of a velvet pant during the warm seasons had me excited that I put them on the top of my “Retail Therapy” list. Hold up, I spotted scarfs in the collection too. The Long sleeved mesh baseball jackets printed with gold roses and paired with a bikini top and swim trunks were a great combination like peanut butter and chocolate. The entire collection gives a hippy-elegant vibe that feeds off the outlook we all have for summer. The Romance, Freedom and of course endless Adventures are the few things that equal to H.A.G.S [Have-ing a Great Summer.]

Enter the world of Anna Sui and see where she’ll take you next from her travels to find more inspirations for future collections.

Anna Sui take a bow.

Anna Sui take a bow.

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