Jeremy Scott.

[NEW YORK CITY.] Let me just say how excited I was for this show. One because Jeremy Scott has been another idol of mine as a designer coming from Kansas City, MO where I grew up most of my childhood. Two because he’s actively involved with the Korean Pop artists and was hoping to run into them when I got there. Three because his designs are outrageously the best and I imagined a high attendance. Most shows are expected to start late however this show started super late and I didn’t realize why until Nicki Minaj showed up with her posse and right when she sat the show began. Scott had many high profiled attendees so it wasn’t just me there but backstage was another mad house of countless famous musicians and supermodels.

Now to the main purpose of this post, it was definitely a collection I didn’t envision. When the first look came out I was floored by the interpretation of the test card signal normally recognized on a television screen. It was ingenious and not to mention the sixties mod hair due to top it off nicely. What I really liked was the menswear that was shown with dark and bright hues combined with chains and obnoxious prints. I really couldn’t tell you which were my favourite looks because every look could be a potential fit for me. Afterwards I hung out backstage with CL from 2NE1 and was invited to the after party. I’ve included some photos from the shows however the models ran down the runway so they’re a bit blurry. The photos backstage came out much better.

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