Asaf Ganot: HonoluluFW.

[HONOLULU, HI.] The only show at Honolulu Fashion Week that I personally deemed worthy of my time was Asaf Ganot. Simply because his main focus is menswear and I’m always bias when it comes to menswear labels. Yet, Ganot showcased a lot more noteworthy women’s wear pieces that were equally just as brilliant and visually satisfying as the mens athletic garments he’s known for. Later after the show I found out that Ganot just debuted a women’s outerwear collection; apparently this year during New York Fashion Week. When there’s no trace of it online – at his website or his instagram, so I’m confused.

Special appreciation to Sara M with Stryker Weiner for granting press access to Asaf Ganot fashion show at #HonoluluFW in Hawaii.

One of his coats he sent down the runway had to be one of my favourite looks from tonight. It’s for a lady, of course, yet I’d gladly would still wear it because of the fur around the cuffs and the collar. The tied strap around the waist gave it a nice glamorous-feminine characteristic that was paired with nice boots. Most of the looks shown were more darker-hues in comparison to the customary bright colours the locals are known for wearing. Which in my opinion was a great choice because it took the local viewers out of their tropical surroundings and made them experience what a true New York Fashion Show is really like.

In my experience with attending global fashion shows – there’s always a few designers that fall into a category of exceptional textile design. These are designers that go beyond simple garment construction and look more into piecing fabrics together and integrate dominate textures within the fabrics through physical touch and -still manage to give- a visual stimulant. With that being noted, Asaf Ganot definitely caters to that specific creative market which propels him forward in the menswear industry. A traditional runway show just isn’t enough to showcase his entire creative mind and innate talent with luxury.

In New York it’s always a good idea to be fashion-forward whilst walking the city streets. However, there’s only one time it actually counts and that’s during New York Fashion Week. There’s definitely some Asaf Ganot coats that I would love to be caught dead in during NYFW as I jump from show to show in February.

Inherit Love, I AM,

Video of the show to be linked in shortly…

Asaf Ganot

Yes please!

Yes please!


Texture, baby! Texture.

Texture, baby! Texture.


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