Naeem Khan SS17 – TRESemmé (Backstage Access).

[NEW YORK CITY.] In fashion a big chunk of designers grab majority of their inspirations from experiences they’ve had working under the directions of other big names that have helped mentor their skills. For me, it’s nice to learn who has worked where before branching out to start their own namesake labels; it’s quite fascinating and backstage at Naeem Khan I learned that Halston was where Khan mastered a few techniques. Special thanks to TRESemmé for inviting backstage with press access to Naeem Khan Summer Spring 2017 collection presentation at New York Fashion Week.

A few moments before the show I had the lovely chance to speak with TRESemmé Stylist Jeanie Syfu in regards to the products and styles used for Khan’s ‘Halston 1970’s girl’  – The main outcome was a nice natural and polished look that gave a great balance to the embroidered, extravagant pieces Khan designed for the show. Since Khan worked so closely with the legendary designer Syfu was approached with specific details on the end result for hairstyling the show. Keywords Natural hair, minimal make-up being really soft with quite big earrings offset the look.

Collaborating with a designer can be a bit stressful and sometimes unsatisfying since the designer makes the final decision – I wanted to know if she was happy with the final look and if this was the most minimalistic styling she’s done. “Actually, yes this is but I think this is how the modern girl looks. It’s non-fussy glamour, I think it looks really modern. There’s a confidence about a polished look that seems that you haven’t spent so much time on it. It’s how a lot of girls like to run around in the city.” replied Jeanie Syfu.

After a few questions it seemed that Jerry Hall had a lot of clout in pulling together a center-point reference to Khan’s ‘Halston 1970’s girl’ 

As for the actual clothes – the detailing was a fantasy brought to tangible life, the absolute best, bar none. It was a visual romantic story that gave my viewers on snapchat and instagram live story an escape from reality. I left with hopes that one day in the near future that Naeem Khan will design a menswear collection, hell hopefully design a specific red carpet look for me. God willing.

Update.: TRESemmé steps to achieve Naeem Khan hairstyle click link – thanks to Tillie Eze at

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