Atlas Genius.


[SALT LAKE CITY.] A special thank you to Lance Saunders of S&S Presents for granting us access to the show and bringing a truly magnificent experience to Salt Lake City

Coming across the pond from the UK to America as a trio playing a genre noted as ‘kitchen sink indie’ music. Brothers Robert -lead vocals- and Michael Coles -lead guitar- as well as Mathew Hall -base guitar- form this amazing trio named the Little Comets. According to the title of their latest album, life may be elsewhere but to them they’ve definitely made their life on stage their home. As the opening number for Atlas Genius they came out and started the show off right! They performed songs from their most recent album Life is Elsewhere released in Oct 2012. Their musical talent and wonderful lyrics only left the audience wanting more. Never once was there a hint of boredom in the crowd, it was as if every person in the room was there just to see them! They ended their set and were greeted with a huge applause and real acceptance from the audience.

Next came Family of the Year -or as they like to go by F.O.T.Y- then took the stage. What I thought was interesting was the band came out to set up their instruments themselves. As they unpacked and did a quick sound check  the crowd responded with complete chaos! Attendees were reaching their hands out in hopes to touch them, taking non-stop pictures and even shouting out “Salt Lake City loves you F.O.T.Y!” and in return caused the band to graciously respond with their appreciation for their fans.

As they presented songs from their newest album Loma Vista you could then see why they’re an established band in pop-folk. They made you feel like you’re on a family road trip; laughing, clapping and singing along! Through out their set, they told stories and jokes to the audience, making them feel a part of this fun and amazing family! It is great that even after several different television appearances such as Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel, Conan and Carson Daily they are still down to earth, grateful and visibly in love with their passion for music and performing! Side note if you could have found a way to pull your eyes from the stage during any of F.O.T.Y’s performance you would have seen Darren Snell from Atlas Genius standing and enjoying the show with the crowd. Keith and Michael Jeffery soon joined him towards the end of F.O.T.Y’s performance

When you’re rocking out to the Little Comets and F.O.T.Y the two and a half hour wait that was required in-order to be graced with the presence of Atlas Genius went by quickly. It is a definite fact that the anticipation only builds as the opening bands make their way through their sets. The positive energy in the venue multiplied immensely as Atlas Genius took the stage! Lead singer Keith Jeffery started by mentioning that this was the bands third time in Salt Lake City and that they were beginning to view it as a second home! On that note the crowd went wild and so did the band!

In February they released their lasted album When It Was Now and it peaked at #34 on the U.S billboard 200. Yet to their faithful fans it landed as their #1 album as they rocked out in the audience. Starting off with their hit song “If So” brought the crowd to begin jumping up and down, screaming and singing along with the band. Keith Jeffery was huge on interacting with the audience even going so far as to walk into the crowd during one of the drumming breaks. Needless to say all eyes were on him as he interacted with the crowd on a more intimate level than on stage. If at that point it wasn’t clear that Atlas Genius extremely cares for their fans, it was certainly clear when they stayed after their show to personally meet with, sign autographs and take pictures with fans. Saying they are an amazing group of artists all around is an understatement.

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