The negative pull.

The negative pull will throw anything in your way to distract you from achieving your greatest potential. How much positive energy will you waste on not being focused?! ” -Talalima Mobley.

Lately I feel that I’ve been distracted a lot with random things and putting aside the important things in my life. Yes, life does happen and you may need to set things aside for a bit to focus on whatever needs to be done immediately. Then again, not EVERYTHING needs to be placed on hold to focus on this one life changing event. Don’t justify yourself in being lazy to put other things off for later. That is what I’m learning now -to not solely be hung up on one thing and one thing alone.- Life still continues and doesn’t matter if you have a to-do list on queue. I’ve found that there is that negative force that will rob you of a bright future because it’s main objective is to get your mind clouded with tedious ideas that you may think is important to fix at the time and really isn’t. Take a breather for a few minutes, just don’t check out because it’ll be tough to check back into your momentum.

You are an heir to everything in the universe. You can become anything you set your mind to achieve. All this is possible, just stay focused. Everything will work out in the end, It always does.

Much Love,

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