Hearing his voice brings back so much memories and it’s taking me away to relapse into my addiction with him and his BIGBANG crew! T.O.P is my absolute favourite rapper although I understand nothing he spits unless it’s English words. A few hours ago he released his newest single called DOOM DADA and it has met my expectations as his first track breaking away from his band-members for his only solo album. A few other members have started their own solo careers and they haven’t gotten me so excited more than T.O.P. The only expectations I had was for him to come out with his own album and be able to shine alone. Also, I wanted him to remain with his same lyrical taste that is different and incomparable making him an icon in korean pop music.

DOOM DADA was composed by himself and with the influential support of Choice37. Those two together produced a memorable tempo that will catch your attention from the beginning of the song and have you wanting to keep this track on repeat. That’s what I did. Tonight in korea and the rest of the kpop world will be waiting for the release of the DOOM DADA M/V. There are no words that can express how excited I am to see T.O.P on screen again. This man is beyond gorgeous and no wonder fuse named him and Britney Spears as Sexiest Musicians of 2013. Let us just be grateful that he returned from the movie screenplays to come back to his singing career.

Can I just speak korean please?! If you’re wanting to know the English translation of DOOM DADA here you go. In the English translation I can only imagine that it does no justice for T.O.P’s innate ability to spit is verses. I’m sure he goes harder in korean but still from what was translated into English still proves that he’s unstoppable.  Be like me and purchase his first solo single on iTunes here. keep an eye out for his release for the music video later tonight.

Enjoy and keep it on replay.


Much Love,

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