Light Blazin’.

Light Blazin'.

If you’re like me then packing is something you do a few hours before your flight. On top of my list of clothes to make sure that is in my luggage are swimwear and of course a suit/blazer. I know most of you will be traveling away for the Holidays and you’ll be going with a motive to impress family and friends. The first way to do that is by the way you dress, it’s the first thing they see before you catch up on what you’ve been doing. Although they kinda have an idea already thanks to Facebook.

On my recent travels to the South Pacific I wanted to pack super super light weight. Normally overpacking is the norm for me and I don’t know how others don’t. So I made sure that I took one blazer and I’m glad I had this Diesel jacket I’m wearing in the photo above. This blazer is made with a thin fabric that I believe is the same material that windbreaker are made with and was my best choice to travel with. If you don’t have a blazer that is travel friendly then I would only wear it on the plane instead of packing it. Having a suit jacket handy will be great because loved ones may take you on a nice dinner without notice. Or being able to go to an event and feeling comfortable that you’re not underdressed. I prefer being over dressed always haha. If you don’t go to any nice events well at least you will have a nice piece to elevate your attire when you go out in the streets at night to cause havoc.

Enjoy your holidays with those you choose to be with. Just make sure to choose to be well dressed around them though. Here’s a link to some outrageous Jacket ideas to wear from Diesel

Happy Holidays.

Much Love,

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