Ben L’oncle Soul.

Ben L'oncle Soul.

Since I’m celebrating that I’m his number one fan on the website. It makes sense for me to feature him on my suitable music topic.

Ben L’oncle Soul is a french artist who sings Ooh so lovely! He started his career in The Fitiavana Gospel Choir and that’s why I love his music he creates. He definitely has soul in his music style. He was recommend to me awhile back by a friend of mine in England staying in France at the time. Since that day he has always been on repeat and is always a go to for my playlist when I’m in need of some soul.

Benjamin Duterde is his given birth name and now is identified as Ben L’oncle Soul once he was offered a recording contract with Motown Records – The French Division. Not sure which song was the first I listened to by him but my favourites are Soulman, L’Ombre D’Un Homme, Back For You and Petite Soeur. Most of his songs are a mixture of English and French lyrics. Wanting to listen to what he has to offer? Go ahead and click the photo above to be directed to his website.

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