Keep Living.

Decide You’d Rather Be Happy Than Right.”

Recently I have noticed a lot of those that I have interacted with have been wanting to PROVE the world that they are right. All it has pushed them to be is unhappy. Is it that important for you to sacrifice your happiness to demonstrate you are right in a debate?!

Most of the time this is how I go about debates. Recognize the truth that you know and believe and then walk away from the fools. For example -not to single out my best friend but it’s a perfect and brilliant example to use- She calls and tells me about how someone mentioned to her “You look like a transgender dude!” and of course she got upset over it wanting to make it know that she’s 100% female. The reaction I immediately had was “Well, is it true what they said?” she replies “No.” Then get over it. You known what is true don’t let what others say or do bother you.

In life you have one life and that’s your own. You can only control your life and your happiness. Don’t allow others to control it for you. There will be ideas and organizations that will try to tell you what’s right and what’s not accepted. Recognize what you know and feel to be true and let them not bother your happiness. Keep living. Choose your happiness. Take life one day at a time. The time will come when you will be able to prove you were right, don’t rush it.

Much Love,

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