Berenik: Zürich15.

[ZÜRICH, SWITZERLAND.] Special appreciation to the talented-visionary VERONIKA BRUSA the designer behind the Switzerland brand BERENIK for granting access to her delightful show in Zürich, Switzerland. This will always be a memorable label for me because it’s the first runway show that I attended outside of the main US cities: New York & Miami fashion week. The entire experience was wonderful from flying out to Europe for the first time and actually being in Zürich after many months planning it out in my mind. The people and all of Switzerland in it’s entirety have a gorgeous environment and must be travelled to, in order to witness it yourself!

Not only is Zürich a sight to see, so is their design brilliance worth taking notice for their fresh perspective in the fashion industry. Let’s take Berenik for example, the fact that Brusa’s targeted customer is that of a young and also old mindset. Aiming to dress both generations in chic and casual looks that bring a cool and super-hip energy. At the show that exact vibe was present with the models coming down in simple yet very tasteful tops that were free-flowing viscose fabrics. The colour hues attracted my attention with grey and black tones with a hint of gold and pastel yellow in this seasons collection. Men shoes were also worn on the models to signify the ability of unisex equality in this suit-style addiction. Let me just make mention on how much I wanted to run up to a model and take her sunglasses.

The one-piece swimsuit was a favourite of mine and also the skewbald fur vest captured my attention the most. This was a very impressive showcase of the innate ability Brusa has to designing a clean-set luxury brand that every fashion-forward person can use and implement in their own unique style. To shop the latest from Berenik you can easily buy it online or check the availability in the various boutiques within Zürich, Austria, France, Cyprus, Japan, China and the United States.

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