Desire Love.

Last week Years&Years released their music video for Desire and it’s noteworthy enough to share. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with this band led by Olly Alexander who not only sings but writes music and is an actor from Yorkshire, England. Today in Paris the boys are supporting Swim Deep at Les Inrocks festival and I wish I would have known sooner but there are more chances with their headline tour in the UK starting in February 2,015.

What captured my attention with Years&Years is their creative and captivating music video – Take Shelter. It was about a month ago when I went looking specifically for a male singer that could take my attention away from the dominant female artists that I mainly focus on. Alexanders voice stimulated my heart with his sultry yet vulnerable tone which results into never getting tired of his music. There is so much happening in the Desire video and what I can make of it is how love and desire can destroy someone without compromising. The video also displays lustful desires through photographs, peeking through the windows to watch neighbors or geishas behind a two way mirror. It’s an alluring video that was carried out by Sing J. Lee and the creative direction was brilliant in story telling.

Visit for a courtesy download of Breathe.


Inherit Love, I AM,


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