Blauw Jean.


[SEATTLE.] Starting today I’ll be featuring a pair of denim in my monthly spotlight to showcase a specific jean that I’m obsessed with for the month. Earlier this September I visited the Scotch&Soda store at the U-Village in Seattle and immediately fell in love with these Ralston – Revolution Denim Jean. Originally I had self-coached myself before arriving to run into the store and get only a top. Did that pan out as planned… yeah, didn’t go so well. My ultimate weakness is having been recently paid and being surround by expensive clothes with my card in hard. I tried them on and of course the minds behind Amsterdam Couture know exactly what they are doing with constructing denim. The fit is slim and my favourite is how the hem hugs around my ankle not so tightly but perfectly and comfortably.  What gets my attention most is the dark broken-in wash that has different hues around the waist, knees and shin area. A note-worthy characteristic is the tailored stitching by the two-front pockets, displaying the perfect fit.  Another detail that I love is the bright obnoxious blue Scotch&Soda tag on the back of the jean. Perhaps because I love the colour blue and perhaps it’s a distinctive branding. The light-weight fabric is an additional bonus because the last thing that needs to add to our stress is a heavy-weight denim. Don’t take my word for it go ahead and grab yourself a pair at to feel your best in Amsterdam Couture.

Inherit Love, I AM,

photocred.: Dafne Estrada

photocred.: Eter – Dafne Estrada.


photocred.: Eter – Dafne Estrada.


photocred.: Eter – Dafne Estrada.


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