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[SALT LAKE CITY.] There is a new Indian Cuisine that is beyond sexy and of impeccable taste that is coming to Salt Lake Valley in Sandy, UT. Last night I was invited for a private event that showcased the relaxing space and served selected items from their menu. The award winning Chef and restauranteur Roma Obaid highlighted a few Indian dishes that were very traditional and plates that were revamped and added a special character that brought a memorable twist to my tastebuds. The main dish that earned my stamp for approval was the Samosas that I couldn’t get enough of and not only that but their lamb as well. I’m simply satisfied with anything fried and filled with meat however the samosas were seasoned perfectly and was a great serving size. One other item that was featured on the menu were the Bombay Fries, normally I’m bias to any french fries because as tasteless as it sounds the golden arches have my heart. However the bombay fries were presented in a nice arrangement even my eyes could tell that my tastebuds would be delighted in stuffing my face.  They weren’t too crunchy nor too soggy or even greasy!

The layout of the Karma space and furnishings were set up in a way that displayed a nice chic vibe. A place for reflection, I feel it’ll establish a new standard in Indian Cuisine atmosphere and elevate the way we dine in Utah culture. As you walk in you’ll notice a lovely chandelier that ushers in and sets your lovely evening out with bae. The environment was inspired by the minimalistic architecture that is a style that never follows trends and will never go out of style. The tables are spaced with enough room to move about without feeling like you’re disturbing other guests. My favourite was the detailing in the lux bar and the lights that illuminate your desire to sip wine as you catch up with friends in a nice relaxing environment.

Make sure to set up reservations now at eatgoodkarma.com located at 863 E 9400 S Sandy, Utah 84094 and can be reached by phone at +1 801.566.1134 Grand Opening is the 26th of September.

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Don't worry I tried to plate all professional.

Don’t worry I tried to plate all professional.


A toast to eatgoodkarma - success!

A toast to eatgoodkarma – success!

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With the Co owners Mehwish (Left) Marikh (Right)

With the Co owners Mehwish (Left) Marikh (Right)

My lovely Justine.

My lovely Justine.

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